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Tips For Saving Water, Energy, CO2 And Money!

We all need to do our bit to help the environment. As a consumer, you also have an extremely important role to play. By using your products responsibly, you will help the planet – and save yourself money! Today’s cleaning and maintenance products make our daily household tasks a lot easier. So do labor-saving electrical […]

Laundry Washing Tips

Did you know that by setting the temperature at 30°C instead of 60°C, you can save more than 60%* of energy consumption? Your laundry will still be as clean as you want it, and you will be helping the environment by reducing your energy consumption. Read the instructions on your detergent pack carefully. Always remember […]

Dishwashing Tips

By choosing the appropriate cycle on your dishwasher, you can save considerable amounts of water and energy. You may be surprised but in most cases, short-cycle programmes do not help you to save energy. An “economy” or “energy saving” cycle is usually the one that you should use, even if it lasts longer than others. […]