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Pearl Detergent High Foam Original

QAR: 1.50QAR: 148.75

The new formulation is loaded with stain fighting Enzymes, a floral fragrance that gives your clothes the freshness of spring, and an active formula that makes your clothes brighter.

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Packaging Size Variant Pack Type
110 Gm Original Packet
260 Gm Original Packet
1.5 Kg Original Packet
3 Kg Original Packet
4.5 Kg Original Packet
3 Kg Original Plastic Bag
4 Kg Original Plastic Bag
6 Kg Original Plastic Bag
7.5 Kg Original Plastic Bag
10 Kg Original Woven Bag
25 Kg Original Woven Bag

High Foam (Bag) 10 Kg, High Foam (Bag) 25 Kg, High Foam (Bag) 3 Kg, High Foam (Bag) 4 Kg, High Foam (Bag) 6 Kg, High Foam (Bag) 7.5 Kg, High Foam 1.5 Kg, High Foam 110 gm, High Foam 260 gm, High Foam 3 Kg, High Foam 4.5 Kg

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