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At QDC, we are committed to the continuous development of our employees. This allows our team to learn the skills needed to make effective decisions in challenging markets, and to deliver expected results. We also believe in providing equal access to opportunity, which ensures that the best people are assigned suitable roles.

The challenges of international business allow our employees to fine-tune their skills, build new capabilities, and maximize their potential on a regional and global scale. We nurture potential, and create a space in which our employees can advance in their careers. Hard work is realized and rewarded.

Those looking for an engaging work-life will learn first-hand how a progressive company conducts itself in a growing market. With our strong manufacturing and distribution competencies, employees will learn how to efficiently deliver results through committed effort.

  • High standards of integrity and professionalism
  • Self-motivation, and the drive to take initiatives and deliver results
  • Ability for creative thought for challenging business tasks
  • Collaborative spirit to work with a diverse range of people and perspectives

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